Which Media Is Effective NEWSPAPER Or TELEVISION

Which Media Is Effective NEWSPAPER Or TELEVISION

When you plan to advertise your products / services, it becomes difficult for you to select which media will be effective. Let us say TV Advertising will be effective or Newspaper Advertisement. Going through a few criteria like demography, medium, price, target audience, cost, purpose etc. will help in deciding.

Newspaper Advertisement is measured by their circulation, i.e. no. Of copies each newspaper sells and by no of readers. No of readers are always more than circulation since one paper is read by more people. Where as TV Advertising is measured by no of people watch the that particular channel.

Most newspapers are limited to a particular region. Some may have a wider region where as TV mostly Covers the complete country. Now a days regional TV Channels are also there which covers particular region.

Inserting advertisement in Newspaper is easy and it takes one day in advance where as a releases advertisement in TV Channels is a bit difficult. It takes time to make a video of commercials for TV. So when you have no time, then newspaper is a better option.

Visibility of newspaper advertisement is minimum of one day and it may be one week/month in some cases, whereas the visibility of TV Channels is for few seconds.

Cost of newspaper ad depends on its circulation and TV Channel depends on its TRP. More the circulation / TRP more the cost is.

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