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Newspaper Advertising

One of the oldest mode of advertising. It targets better, more flexible, affordable and time spend. It is useful for direct sales, direct call and branding.

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Digital Marketing

Latest media – Growing at fast speed, targeted advertising, flexibility of channels, mobile engagement, faster to market, easily measurable, maintains top-of-mind awareness. It can go viral.

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Radio Marketing

Sells everywhere with immediacy and intimacy, stars in the theater of mind. Escapes ads clutter. It is cost effective, target advertising, always on front page. Active medium

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Television Marketing

People spend more time on TV and can watch it anywhere. Attracts loyal viewers TV and online work together, fishing where the fish are got better. Can be surprisingly affordable.

About Us

Baba Media Group is an advertising company having a set of media professionals with plenty of years of experience in media industry. Most of the people in any industry have a single motto i.e. business. Yes, business is our motto but we don’t do only business !! We believe in fulfilling customer requirement as soon as possible with best service and satisfaction. Business is directly proportional to what we believe.

Baba Media Group was founded by BK Singla who have a experience of twenty five + years in media industry. It was started as a newspaper classified booking centre and now covering most of the verticals and media platforms i.e. Newspaper, TV, Radio, Outdoor, Transit and Digital. Yes we have started from scratch and now we know each and everything of media.

Although in every industry there are so many operators but we are providing a simple and easy platform where you have to submit few details and rest of the job is taken care by our team. We can help each other in way we will provide our best to fulfill your requirements and in return we will get business & recommendations. We propose ourselves once and rest of the recommendations are made by our customers.

Our Clients

Our team

Our team members are thoroughly professional in their field. Here are few of our key team members:

  • Mr. BK Singla (Director) is Media Professional having over all experience of 25 years in Media Industry and specially expert in Media Buying.
  • Mr. Ajay Kumar Gosain is Creative Professional having 15 years of experience in creative designing.
  • Mr. Anil Kumar Tiwari is Digital Media professional having 12 years of experience in Digital Media.
  • Mr. Pawan Kumar have 7 years of experience in scheduling section.
Our Media Buying is so strong that we can buy it for you at the most economical rates. It may me Newspaper, Radio, TV or Digital. We can manage media activity of any magnitude.

BK Singla


Ajay Gosain

Creative Expert

Anil K. Tiwari

Digital Media Expert

Pawan Kumar

Scheduling Expert