Situation Vacant Advertisement in Newspaper

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Situation Vacant Advertisement in Newspaper

Booking Situations Vacant advertisement is Very Easy through Baba Media Group.

Just fill the form below and submit, leave the rest on us. To be double sure you can call us on 91-8527760672 after sbmitting form. We will also suggest even if some content is not correct, no need to worry.

Publishing Day: Wednesday
Booking Deadline is Tuesday upto 4 PM (Depending on Edition).
Package: Available, Call 91-8527760672 for Details

Various Size Options:

Lining Ad (Mini. 5 Lines)
Lining Ad with Border (Mini. 5 Lines)
Lining Ad with Background Color (Mini. 5 Lines)

Single Col. Classified Display:
Minimum: Width 3 cm x Height 5cm,
Maximum: Width 3 cm x Height 50 cm

Multi Col. Classified Block:
Minimum: Width 6.34 cm x Height 5 cm,
Maximum: Width 12.99 cm x Height 10 cm

To see different creative options, click on size in form.

Benefits of booking Situations Vacant advertisement through Baba Media Group
Flexible Terms
Creative Support
Prompt Service – No Wastage of Time

Documents Usually Required
In case of vacancy for females, matter on Letter Pad & One ID of person who is advertising.

*Payment mode: As per your convenience.

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