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Q: How can I book my advertisement / ad campaign on Baba Media Group?

Baba Media Group gives you a platform where you have to simply provide basic information of your requirement and rest of the job will be taken care by our team. You simply tap on the “Book Ad” link and provide desired information as per your requirements and that’s all, we will take care of the rest of the work and will be in touch with you shortly.

Q: What is Classified Lineage Advertisement?

Classified Lineage Advertisement is simply in running words stating your requirements. It is the most economical advertisement and displayed by newspapers on their classified pages.

Q: What is Classified Display Advertisement?

Classified Display Advertisement is display advertisement printed on classified pages. Here you can get your advertisement designed as per your wish and display company logo / images, highlight important contents etc. It is a bit expensive than Classified Lineage Advertisement. In most of the newspapers these ads are limited to one column width but in certain newspapers/editions width can be more than one column.

Q: What is display advertisement?

Display Advertisement is display of advertisement on pages other than classified pages. It can be in any size like small (12 sq.cm.) to as big as full page and double spread. You can also get it in other than standard sizes and can plan innovative activities also. Ad can be designed in any form as per advertiser’s requirement. You can choose any particular / guaranteed page position also. Cost of advertisement depends on various factors like size, page position, innovative activity, volume & period of activity.

Q: What should I incorporate into an ad ?

If you desire to present an effective advertisement , the following guidelines will help you:

• In Classified Advertisement, present detailed requirement in your promotion keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish greatest reaction.
• Take care to give precise contact details.
• In Classified Display / Display advertisement, preferably use Logo and some images relating your product.
• Use / Display Social Media details of your brand.
• Have Media Plan as per your budget. You can take suggestions from our experts.
• Highlight USP of your products / services.
• Highlight any offer and period of offer.
• There are certain other factors depending on the kind of product / service. Please get in touch with us.

Q: Can I present my advertisement on numerous publications/editions?

Yes, definitely, we offer you complete freedom to choose multiple publications/editions.

Q: How would I benefit by posting my advertisement through Baba Media Group?

We give prompt and genuine advice to our customers. We are providing very simple platform to book advertisement and all of above we provide our services at very competitive prices. At our site, customers simply need to give essential details of the advertisement campaign and after that our team starts working on it and takes care everything.

Q: What are the payment options available?

• Payment can be made online through Net-Banking.
• Payment can be made through Paytm.
• Payment can be made through cheque.

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